Stirring It Up with Jenn Rogers

For the couple that loves to cradle a coupe, custom cocktails may be ultimate upgrade


There's nothing wrong with a French 75, but why is it the only "bride" cocktail that seems to exist? Don't get me wrong, we like bubbly booze as much as the next gal, but with every bar and restaurant breaking their necks these days to compete in the craft cocktail scene, we think it's a downright shame to over-use the same-old standbys. Grooms, too, often get stuck with the delicious but over-played Old Fashioned or Manhattan, and what a pity, when there is a plethora of modern bourbon drinks to contend. If you care about cocktails, why serve your guests something they've had before when you have an opportunity to introduce them to their new favorite? Of course, you could research interesting new recipes online or copy a cocktail from a local restaurant in your area, but if you really want to get fancy with it, you might consider hiring a rad bartender to turn your specific tastes into a one of a kind libation.


Jenn Rogers knows how to handle a shaker, and she gives a damn about what's inside of it. A few years back, she started her company, Offre Joie, where she specializes in creating custom "his and hers" cocktails for wedding celebrations. When we reached out to her for information about her self-run business she immediately suggested we learn through experience (and taste!!) and emailed over a questionnaire for us to complete, detailing our individual taste preferences. After we filled out the survey as honestly and thoughtfully as possible, Jenn got to work crafting our bespoke cocktails. She invited us to her Central City abode to taste her best efforts. We brought the cheese, muchisimas gracias to St. James.


Wanted: A Gin-Based Cocktail with plenty of citrus, herbaceousness, and natural sweetness



Death's Door Gin

American made gin with an exceptional botanical bouquet (WI)

Anisetta Meletti

Aromatic Italian liquor

Dolin Dry Vermouth

French vermouth, lighter and dryer than the competition


A yellow, tart, fruit (ha!)

Fever Tree Club Soda


In her words:

"This cocktail transports me to a plush, striped towel atop a poolside lounge chair. Initially it's citrusy fresh, but then the anisette kicks in, which takes this familiar combination to a whole new level. This would be a little too easy to drink on a hot summer afternoon!"

Keywords: Lemon, "spritzy", fresh, licorice, candy, cooler



Wanted: A Brown Liquor-Based Cocktail with bitter notes balanced by fruit



Bulleit Rye

Kentucky Rye with hints of vanilla, honey, and spice

Dolin Dry Vermouth

French vermouth, lighter and dryer than the competition

Maraschino Liqueur

This dry Italian liqueur, by Paolo Lazzaromi & Figli, is made from Marasca cherries and their pits, it also adds a subtle almond flavor

Angostura Bitters

A bar staple akin to salt and pepper in the kitchen 

Satsuma Swath

Louisiana citrus


In her words:

"I'm not surprised that this was my choice out of the bunch as it contained the same maraschino liqueur used to make my favorite cocktail: The Last Word. Combined with the Rye, the cocktail was wonderfully unexpected, a perfectly rounded blend of bitter and sweet, with just a hint of spice."

Keywords: Mellow, easy, aromatic, bitter, honey, almond



We tried 7 cocktails on the road to choosing the best one to define our personal styles and we won't lie, they were all delicious. What impressed us most was the care and attention Jenn put into making each drink stand alone. Every option used an answer we provided as the focus, and because Jenn was intentional in her craft, we didn't get anything that "wasn't for us". We cannot recommend this service enough, especially if you plan to BYOB to your reception. A seasoned professional can guide you in areas beyond mixed drinks as well; wine, beer and non-alcoholic options (mocktails!).

Pricing varies per event (guest count, location, number of drink recipes, time on site, etc.). For an individualized quote, or more information, you can reach Jenn at