Rainy Day at Race & Religious

A rainy day in December brings Colleen + Patrick with their Atlanta cohort a party to remember


Three words to describe bride:  caring, zany, social

Three words to describe groom:  relaxed, thoughtful, witty

One word to describe couple:  loyal



Colleen and Patrick met at a bar, but not on the side you might imagine.  They were both bartenders (and still work together in the ATL night-life scene) and the spark between them was relatively immediate- at least for one of them.  Colleen famously tells the story of how upon meeting Patrick she said, "so now we're hiring pretty boys here?"  I guess she thought he was pretty and took to teasing him right away in her Colleen way.  As a New Yorker, Colleen is adept at ball busting- and Patrick could not escape that fate. 

CandP 2



Colleen was in her element with her niece and nephew all day, truly making them feel included, important, and part of the fold.  You don't always see kids being treated with so much respect. 

CandP 3



Anthropology's BHLDN skirt and top, made extra special by light up gold high tops... whatttttt?  Go Coll-een! It's your birth-day!

CandP 4



A surprise Christmas performance!  Colleen and Patrick's good friend Gil brought back his classic Christmas Special complete with a candy cane suit, Jesus, and back up jingle-bell dancers.

CandP 6



This group! Swoon! Every person in attendance was kind, caring, fun loving and totally IN on supporting the bride and groom.  Every person we met was helpful and thoughtful. Incredible!  Nobody even seemed to notice the torrential downpour. 


Officiated by a close friend, and in the pouring rain (which changed the whole floor plan), this ceremony would have made a statue weep.  So personal, these two truly are partners and best friends- every word was soaked up by their adoring friends!



You can't ask for a more interesting and intimate setting than Race and Religious.  Beautifully appointed, texturally rich and full of history, this venue is a New Orleans wedding staple for a reason.

CandP 1



Colleen's love of "fuzzy bottoms" or woodland creatures (bunnies, foxes, possums, cats, cats, cats) was the foundation of a theme built around a snuggly admiration of all animals.


Baked by super close buddy Melanie Durant, the top tier was gluten free for the bride and the sugar topper was inspired by the invitation design drawn by the bride. 

CandP 8


A final reprieve from the heavens- the rain stopped just in time to get the whole crew out for a second line.  It was a special magic to hear Young Pinstripes resounding in the empty streets.  We love the bunny and cat canes, as well as Colleen's shift into a more casual cat shirt.

Cand P 9


Coordination & Design: Clark & Kelly

Photography: Julia Robbs Photography

Ceremony Location: Race & Religious

Reception Location: Race & Religious

Cake: Melanie Durant

Flowers: Pick a Petal

DJ: DJ Dookie Platters

Second Line Band: Young Pinstripes

Dress: BHLDN