A Public Resolution Announcement from Becca & Kate

We don’t know about you, but at Clark & Kelly we savor the New Year!

There’s nothing quite like getting a moment to slow down, recoup, take stock, and think about how we can improve what we are putting into the world.  In our culture of go, go, go, do, do, do, work, work, work, it is easy to forget that true progress and growth pair best with intentional goals.  We have learned this lesson tenfold over the last year.  We both proved that we were ready to work hard and tirelessly to keep up with the surprising (so surprising and inspiring!) demand for our services, but we learned that we achieved loads more when we sat back, took a deep breath, did a downward dog, and centered ourselves around the original cornerstones of the business we set out to create.  Running around in a flurry makes you think you’re getting it all done, but the emotional and physical stress of being frazzled takes it’s toll in no time.  When we prioritize our wellness we are able to best serve each other, our clients and our community, so we will definitely be keeping that top of mind in 2017.

Photo Credit: Spark and Tumble

Photo Credit: Spark and Tumble


We thought, in an effort to let our readers know us a little better, we would publish our New Year’s resolutions here.  Maybe next year, you can hold us accountable to our pledges!



Just like everyone else, I’m looking to improve my diet by finally taking control of my sugar habit, get “back in shape” by returning to my home yoga practice, and meet financial goals (student loans, anyone?!), but the challenge I’m most eager to take on is a very personal one.

I’ve been told by many close friends that when they initially met me they saw me as quiet, proper, polite, sweet, and serious.  While these qualities are part of who I am, they do not define my personality at all. When I’m first getting to know someone, I’m quiet because I like to listen and serious because I like to take everything in. I’ve recently come to see this as a strength, and understand that this is how I process information, but I also know that these qualities can make me come off as aloof and I’d like to work on showing people my warm, playful side in initial meetings.

In 2017 I’m going to challenge myself to lift the curtain and show all the complex sides of my personality. This year, I want to be more willing to open up, to be the silly, opinionated, and passionate woman that my close friends know. In order to meet this challenge, I’m going to start by posting regularly to my personal Instagram account to show others my creative practice. I’m also going to make more of an effort to host friends in my home. I know that I’ll always feel more comfortable hanging out one-on-one and sharing my private thoughts with a handful of close friends, but I want to create stronger, deeper connections with my community and this seems like a good place to start.



I became a mom in 2016 and having my beautiful daughter was one of the most challenging, electrifying and proud moments of my life.  We spend a lot of time together, me and her.  As much as I treasure all of our interactions throughout the day, I find myself falling into the trap of checking my phone, popping on the computer, or becoming distracted in a number of ways.  I want to dedicate more uninterrupted time to Giovanna because she deserves that!  I also want to resolve to pay closer attention to everything in my life: dinner with my husband, Emile, reading, book club, playing guitar and singing, having dates with close friends, work, and self-care.  Being present and not letting so many distractions split my attention will make me a more productive and loving business owner, friend, wife, and mama.  Ultimately, I realize that doing too many things at once means I’m not doing anything well, and I want to make a BIG impact in 2017.

Also, obviously I want to hit the gym and lose those final baby pounds.  Emile and I often do diets where we eliminate sugar, gluten, pork/beef, beans, dairy, and alcohol.  We will embark on one of these journeys for 40 days at the start of the year and I’m looking forward to the mental clarity and good sleep I always get during a detox.

Photo Credit: Spark and Tumble

Photo Credit: Spark and Tumble

We are happily and gratefully closing the door on 2016 and getting ready to whip open the next one down the line!  Happy New Year!