Quirky Combinations: Jensin + Masa personally curate a fun and stylish (and delicious!) wedding in the Bywater

From our first conversation with Jensin + Masa, we knew their wedding would be a blast to work on. Not only was Jensin an incredibly talented designer herself, with the will to work on several high end DIY projects, but she and Masa had impeccable taste and a distinct vision for their day.  


Jensin and Masa are sticklers for details. From wanting specific brands of ginger beer, to a very distinct music list for the night, to a curated (but edited) cocktail list, to an awesome Asian/Cajun fusion menu created by Chef Alison Vines-Rushing (James Beard winner!) - every detail was mulled over and thought through (sometimes at the exasperation of their planners, ha!). That said, this wasn't a wedding of frivolity, both Jensin and Masa were flexible during the process to be sure we stuck to budget AND hosted the ideal party for their guests. They worked together, always solidly in partnership, and with us to create a super fun, artsy, tasty wedding day.


Everyone at this wedding was clearly happy and proud to be there, some people traveling from as far as Japan. These two had a warm and welcoming group so sentimental moments were abundant, but we were privy to something nobody else saw.  While driving the couple around for photos, we happened upon a jazz band practicing in an empty, outdoor lot. The bride and groom jumped out and did an impromptu first dance!

This photo taken on an iPhone 7 by Becca Kelly

This photo taken on an iPhone 7 by Becca Kelly


A BHLDN beauty, Jensin's overall style for the day was not fussy. Pure elegance, ease and poise!


For this group, music was a centerpiece so we did a second-line to (and from!) a private cocktail hour at Suis Generis, a neighborhood restaurant. The band played in the street and attracted a ton of neighborly love! Also, Jensin and Masa surprised guests by playing an Earth, Wind and Fire song together before dinner began.


We love 75 guest weddings because they feel sooooo gooooood.  Everyone who is there feels special to be invited to such a small and intimate gathering. This group continued to mix it up all night, ending on a party bus headed to see Soul Rebels at the Howlin' Wolf. Honorable mention to friend and officiant, James, expressive, clear and moving - he nailed it!


Family traveled as far as Japan for this family affair, New Orleans was that perfect place to make everyone feel at home. We also would be remiss if we didn't mention the impact that ring bearer and special fur-guest, Sprout, had on the day!



This floral arch was a creative combination thought up by Kate, Jensin and Elizabeth and Kayla, owners of We Are Gathered floral studio.  Jensin contributed time-consuming, handmade paper flowers in all different colors that WAG combined with real ones for a stunning effect. Ghost chairs juxtaposed with the country feel of Tigermen den was on point, and Jensin's origami program holding a (handmade) monogrammed hankie for the second-line brought it over the top.


Stark white dishes highlighting gorgeously plated food, crazy bright linens, a custom streamlined menu, gold origami programs, paper flowers, ghost chairs, and a focus on primary colors = swoon, sigh, slam dunk!

Photo by Kayla of We Are Gathered

Photo by Kayla of We Are Gathered

Photo by Kayla of We Are Gathered

Photo by Kayla of We Are Gathered


The Tigermen Den is a place that speaks out loud. Tons of history, a funky yet pretty interior, oodles of wood elements (including some interesting furniture pieces) make for a Cajun country feel. Adding in modern touches, and bright colors, elevated the overall design and brought a little NY to LA.


The couple had special ordered crepe cakes from NYC to be flown down but shipment was stalled and they didn't arrive! Enter Beth Biundo, who on short notice whipped up these beauts.

Photo by Kayla of We Are Gathered

Photo by Kayla of We Are Gathered


Gotta love getting a bunch of drunkards on a party bus. Gotta love it more when it's headed for Soul Rebels.  


Coordination & Design: Clark & Kelly

Photography: Sharon Pye

Ceremony Location: Tigermen Den

Reception Location: Tigermen Den

Food: Rushing Cuisine

Cocktail Hour: Suis Generis

Bar: Brady's Wine Warehouse

Cake: Beth Biundo

Flowers: We Are Gathered

Brass: Big 6

DJ: DJ Chinua

Transportation: Da Lyons Party Bus

Lodging: The Moon

Dress: BHLDN

Shoes: Chinese Laundry

Intimate Ceremonies that Pack an Emotional Punch

Many couples these days are choosing a small, no fuss elopement or simple ceremony over a big shebang.  Here are a couple of tips on how to keep it meaningful

Photos by: Sophie Lin Berard

Photos by: Sophie Lin Berard


This year, Emile and I (Becca) planned a ceremony honoring our daughter Jojo and the "god-parents' we chose for her.  We wanted the ceremony to be small and intimate but worried that it wouldn't feel like enough of a moment to warrant the participants traveling so far, or all of us gathered at all.  We learned a lot putting this together and are happy to share some quick tips.


Choosing a beautiful place will make the moment feel important and will put everyone at ease.  The travel time it takes to get there is a good buffer for before the ceremony so all the participants can be in a calm headspace when they arrive.  With that, of course, it's best to leave early and be relaxed on the way over!  Choosing a place where tons of ceremonies have taken place (like the Tree of Life, shown here) will give some real gravity to the event - you can almost feel it in the air!  Just be sure to consider permitting, and that perhaps others might have the same idea as you, at the same place and time!


People are capable of filling inanimate objects with all kinds of meaning and memory, use that to your advantage and provide something tangible.  In our case, Jojo loves Rainbows, so we painted her face with the symbol and provided each guardian with a rainbow pin.  It's just a small thing, but will remind them of the larger commitment they made and continue to make.



Bringing in a photographer or videographer (or in our case, both!) alleviates the need for you to be trying to capture moments on your phone rather than being in the moment.  Especially if you aren't planning a wedding, there are tons of professionals around to help record the day at reasonable rates.  Being able to go back and hear what was said allows you to relive those precious memories!


This one is easier said than done, but really taking time to say how you feel and what you mean will make the biggest impact on the tone and effectiveness of the ceremony.  Your message shouldn't be something you say every day for instance (I love you, anyone?) .  A great tip for coming up with good, sob-worthy material is to record yourself speaking off the cuff for a period of time, listen back and then pick out the parts that resonate with your heart and gut.  If it feels like it might be hard to say, it's probably worth saying.  Just sayin.


Planning a special lunch, brunch or reception after the ceremony will give the group ample time to reflect and wind down.  Sharing a favorite restaurant or a delicious bottle of wine puts an exclamation point on the whole experience!


The most important thing you can do when planning an intimate moment for your family and friends is to be invested.  Let your intention lead the way and be sure to give some thought and time to the planning.  When the day comes, let it unfold, be present, and focus on enjoying the time with your nearest and dearest!


N.O.L.A. Venue Search - Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights Museum

When a guest walks into 316 Royal after it has been transformed for an event they get the feeling that they've been given access to something truly special, unique and secret.  When they walk by the storefront the next day, and see it undone, the feeling magnifies.  Just like Cinderella and her Pumpkin, the party disappears after midnight, and that leaves guests wondering how the party was ever pulled off in the first place.


Photo by Kat Rizza, flowers by Pistil & Stamen, styling by Clark & Kelly

Photo by Kat Rizza, flowers by Pistil & Stamen, styling by Clark & Kelly



Bevolo is a storefront, craftsman workshop, and lighting museum by day turned perfect venue for intimate weddings, corporate parties, rehearsal dinners and private seated meals by night.  The building, which fills the block between Royal Street and Exchange Alley in the French Quarter, boasts 40 hand-made copper lights, exposed brick and a workshop brimming with antiques.  Events at Bevolo have a secret feel, seeming to appear out of nowhere.  The neighborhood is rich with history as is the building itself.  This venue has a max guest count of 100 for reception style events, 60 for ceremonies and 50 for fully seated meals.  There is a small kitchen, from which creative chefs have been able to create memorable meals.  Parties at Bevolo typically go from 7pm-10pm.

Photo by Kat Rizza

Photo by Kat Rizza

Royal Street - Photo by Kat Rizza

Royal Street - Photo by Kat Rizza



Couples who are attracted to Bevolo for weddings typically like it because it has that "French Quarter" look and history.  The space speaks for itself and doesn't need a ton of dressing up, which means that it lends itself to more minimal or simple couples.  The lights are a unique feature that add tons of character to the backdrop.   Bevolo is a storefront, and it cannot be totally cleared out of inventory for events, so couples need to know that they have to be flexible and unfussy going in.  Nothing comes included in the rental so a planner is required to host an event at Bevolo.  A great planner (ahem, I know of one at least, ha!) can help you bring in unique vendors to create a one of a kind experience.  In our opinion, the best use of the space is for killer welcome parties and rehearsal dinners.  

Photo by Hannah Pickle

Photo by Hannah Pickle

Photo by Emily Green 

Photo by Emily Green 

Photo by Dark Roux, Flowers by Pick-a-petal

Photo by Dark Roux, Flowers by Pick-a-petal


To rent Bevolo reach out to events@bevolo.com.  I hear someone really attractive, cool and professional will respond to you to set up a call or tour.  Okay, okay, I admit it...  it's us!  

Clark & Kelly has been venue managing for Bevolo since 2016 and we love working with the Bevolos!  Not only is the space beautiful, but we love the location and fact that it's one of the only "build your own event" venues in the city.  We offer special pricing for Bevolo couples and love to help couples get the most bang for their buck and best custom experience using local vendors.  


Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 7.59.31 PM.png


Happy planning!